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In the early days of Java, a sample application called Java Pet Store was introduced as a "blueprint and guideline" for Java development. A few years later when Microsoft introduced .NET, they also provided a similar sample application to demonstrate preferred methods of coding for .NET called .NET Pet Shop. That has subsequently resulted in a bit of warfare as the two camps attempted to demonstrate why their implementation was a better, higher-performance implementation. To provide a sample of using DataWindow.NET, I took a look at the .NET Pet Shop with an eye toward demonstrating how to use DataWindow Objects and DataStores in the data access layer. I won't claim that this particular implementation qualifies as a blueprint or guideline, or that it performs better than the original .NET implementation. What I do hope to show, however, is how easy and productive i... (more)

DataWindow.NET TreeView DataWindow Presentation Style

One of the first things you'll notice when you open up the File->New->DataWindow dialog in DataWindow Designer 2.0 is the new TreeView DataWindow presentation style (see Figure 1). Once you've double-clicked on that, you'll see the same series of dialogs that you're already familiar with from the other presentation styles in which you select the data source, the tables to use, the columns in the tables, etc. That is, it will be familiar until after you've finished defining the SELECT statement. Once you leave that, you encounter a new Report Definition dialog (see Figure 2). Her... (more)

Creating a Web Service with PowerBuilder

In an article in PBDJ last year ("Implementing PowerBuilder-Based Web Services from Dynamo") [Vol. 9, issue 10]), I showed how to create Web pages in PowerDynamo by calling a Web service created using PowerBuilder and EAServer (along with Apache SOAP) that allowed you to search the Sybase newsgroups. Technology has improved significantly since then, and this article examines how I've rewritten that application to take advantage of those improvements. Specifically, since the original article, technology has improved in the following areas: PowerBuilder 9 now offers native XML gen... (more)

Blogging - Everyone's Doing It

Keeping up with all the blogs out there can be time-consuming, which is why I decided to present some excerpts from my blog (http://blog.pbdjmagazine.com) in this month's editorial. Dynamically Creating an Access Database Ever need to export data in an Access database format? It may be a little easier than you think, or even the way you're currently doing it. Two things to consider: You can dynamically create an Access database file without having Access on the system. You can connect to that database and write data to it without ever creating ODBC entries for it. The first item i... (more)

Sybase TechWave 2005 Conference Review

This year TechWave 2005 took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For those of you who didn't make it, the following is a recap of the events, with a couple of thoughts and suggestions thrown in. Sunday, August 21 Test Your Sybase Knowledge Gameshow Four TeamSybase members (Millard Brown, Terry Voth, Mike Nicewarner, and myself) do battle against a team of Sybase employees. Each team took turns answering multiple-choice questions off a Jeopardy-style game board. Fifty percent of the questions were related to Sybase engineering and the rest were from other walks of life. There wer... (more)