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This year TechWave 2005 took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For those of you who didn't make it, the following is a recap of the events, with a couple of thoughts and suggestions thrown in. Sunday, August 21 Test Your Sybase Knowledge Gameshow Four TeamSybase members (Millard Brown, Terry Voth, Mike Nicewarner, and myself) do battle against a team of Sybase employees. Each team took turns answering multiple-choice questions off a Jeopardy-style game board. Fifty percent of the questions were related to Sybase engineering and the rest were from other walks of life. There were two rounds with a tiebreaker question just in case. The audience had handhelds and played along. They had a chance to win some cool prizes (30GB iPods, PSPs, and Optic Nerve Sunglasses were up for grabs) at the end of each round (so to the audience it is really two games). Jonathan Baker (... (more)

DataBase Tracing Features

One of the "new" features in PowerBuilder 10.5 was actually initially introduced in the PowerBuilder 10.2 maintenance release. The folks at Sybase finally addressed a number of fundamental issues with database tracing for deployed applications. Trace File Location Users are often running under accounts that don't have Administrative or Power User privileges. As a result, they may not have sufficient rights to create a file in the WINDOWS directory, the very directory where a deployed application was hard coded to store the trace file. We've been able to specify an alternative lo... (more)

Silverlight Is Dead, Long Live Silverlight

There's been a lot of discussion since Microsoft's BUILD conference on the fate of Silverlight. (Something that is an issue for us because Sybase was originally looking at supporting it for web app development in PowerBuilder 15.) Contrary to what a number of the pundits and would-be pundits have said, I don't think it's quite accurate to say that Silverlight is dead in Windows 8. I think it's more accurate to say it's evolved. As background for those who haven't been following this closely, Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 operating system would support two kinds of appli... (more)

Creation and Consumption of Web Services with PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder 12.5 introduced a number of significant enhancements to web services support, both for creation and consumption. In particular, the following were introduced as new features in PowerBuilder.NET: WCF client proxy WCF service target REST client proxy We're going to look at what those new features provide and how to use them. We're also going to look at how we can package some of that functionality so that it can be used from PowerBuilder Classic applications as well. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) First though, some background. When support for a web service client... (more)

The Evolution of PowerBuilder .NET

Somebody was asking in the Sybase newsgroups "should I make the commitment to PB.NET?" and wanted non-marketing types to respond. I started to respond in the forums, but the eventual length of the response and its applicability to many other people resulted in my responding here. What PowerBuilder has always been good at - its differentiating factor - is allowing developers to rapidly build Windows client applications that are open with respect to the data source they work with. You can use other tools to do Windows client applications (e.g., C#, C++, etc.), but the primary adva... (more)