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This is from Chris Werner in the Sybase newsgroups.  Someone asked if there was a way to improve the formatting of data in a grid datawindow that uses cell borders by forcing a leading or trailing space on the data.  Chris’ response: I’m not sure if it is documented behaviour but sometimes I use a blank in the format of a datawindow column to achieve what you want. For instance for right-aligned number you can use “0 ” instead of “0″, for left-aligned strings ” [general]” works. Of course the will not work if the data is bigger than the column and cut. Perhaps what stuns me the most is that after many years of PowerBuilder use, I had never tried this.  Great tip. ... (more)

PowerBuilder 12.0 released

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Sybase-PowerBuilder-12-Makes-bw-1538272306.html?x=0&.v=1 Main new features, in case you haven’t been following this, are: Two IDEs, the Classic (32bit) IDE and the new .Net IDE based on the Visual Studio Isolated Shell The WPF DataWindow Fully managed code at runtime WPF Application target type (.NET IDE) WPF Window and WCF Client Proxy project types (.NET IDE) Compliance with .NET Common Language Specification (CLS) for comprehensive .NET language support and interoperability Runtime packager enhancements to support generation of Microsoft Merge (MSM ... (more)

Creation and Consumption of Web Services with PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder 12.5 introduced a number of significant enhancements to web services support, both for creation and consumption. In particular, the following were introduced as new features in PowerBuilder.NET: WCF client proxy WCF service target REST client proxy We're going to look at what those new features provide and how to use them. We're also going to look at how we can package some of that functionality so that it can be used from PowerBuilder Classic applications as well. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) First though, some background. When support for a web service client... (more)

OLE - Extending the Capabilities of PowerBuilder

This two-part article provides a primer on OLE, some practical examples of its use, and demonstrates some methods for addressing the limitations of PowerBuilder's implementation of OLE. In Part 1 I provided some background information for OLE and discussed the use of custom controls, in Part 2 I talk about OLE Automation and OLE objects. OLE Automation OLE Automation is the interface through which one application (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) makes the methods, properties, and events of its objects (e.g., Folders, Messages, Address Book) available for use within another application... (more)

DataWindow.NET How To: Data Entry Form

Last month we looked at Microsoft's .NET Pet Shop sample application and saw how DataWindow.NET technology could be used in the data access layer of an ASP.NET-based application to reduce the its complexity and increase developer productivity. This month we'll look at another Microsoft sample application to see what benefits DataWindow.NET technology can provide when used for data presentation and data access in a Windows Forms (WinForms) application. To fully appreciate how much DataWindow.NET simplifies the development of database applications in Windows Forms, you'll need the ... (more)